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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 8, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've got the great videos that you've been looking for "right this minute." it starts as a regular day for students. but -- >> keep watching the guy in the corner. >> -- what he does will turn an entire school upside down. out of control lincoln. >> right into that pump. >> see the rush to save a man from the middle of a fireball. a new ride ushers in the next generation of fear. >> this sucker has a complete vertical lift.
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>> wow. >> why some are calling the ultratwister hell in a seat. and she's a foot off the ground but -- >> can i get down? >> -- why dixie is not digging the glider. >> dixie. >> chilling surveillance video from inside a school in brazil. pay attention to the student standing in the corner here. that's a 19-year-old student. he's saying hello to what looks like another student, maybe a friend of his. they chat for a moment. and that friend walks up the stairs. but then you'll see another student come around the bend, coming up the stairs and keep watching the guy in the corner. he pulls something out of his bookbag. you'll quickly notice it's a gun. >> oh no! >> and he fires at the student walking up the stairs. according to reports, he hit that student in the shoulder and also grazed his ear. you see the other student that he shot running down the hallway
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holding his shoulder, trying to figure out what just happened. >> that guy's calmly walking down the hall behind him. >> the story behind the video, this 19-year-old student who has this gun, he according to reports was a victim of bullying. now, this wasn't his begun. in fact, his uncle stayed over for the night happened to leave his gun and the student took the gun and went to school planning on injuring the student who bullied him. and this student that he shot at was, according to the young man, one of the students who bullied him. now, unfortunately, he does draw his gun again and shot another student who had nothing to do with the bullying incident. shot that student in the stomach. >> where any injuries fatal? >> fortunately, neither one of the injuries fatal. both of these students were taken to a hospital and treated. >> what happened with this guy? did anybody eventually apprehend him? >> according to reports, police
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did arrest him at his home and he's been charged with attempted double murder. >> the school officials are wondering what steps to take to make sure that this kind of thing doesn't happen again. this is a video that goes to show you how quickly things can change in a blink of an eye. watch this. surveillance video from exxon station. oh, oh, oh. >> oh! wow. >> my gosh! >> that is out of control lincoln right into the pump and then a huge fireball. >> there's the guy. the guy's on fire! >> yes. that guy's chris porter, he couldn't get out of the way. nowhere to go. right in the path of the fireball. you see him on the ground trying to roll around and get the fire out. the car bounces back. the fireball then caught this other car on fire. >> this is in clarksville, tennessee, around 8: 11 in the morning. chris porter, the guy on the ground, taken to vanderbilt university medical center in
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critical but stable condition. >> the drive, john ward, uninjured in this thing. he blacked out behind the wheel but the cause of this thing still under investigation. you do see somebody come out with a fire exteng wisher and help put out the flames. imagine this, at the gas station, walk back to your car, where do you go? he didn't know what to do there. >> yeah, he really took out that pump and that rail too. that safety guard that you see there, it did nothing to stop him. >> of all of the places to be at that second in your life. >> if he had taken a few more minutes at gum aisle. >> or pay for his gas. >> he would have been -- >> not in the path of that car. check this airliner out. it's about to perform a very routine landing at the wellington airport in new zealand. it is an air new zealand flight about to land. notice the plane's a little
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wobbly. see that? he's starting to wobble back and forth, back and forth. this airport is known for having very heavy winds. how does a pilot land in such condition? >> oh. >> revs the engine and reascents and doesn't land at all. >> go back around. you can see it gets more wobbly as it gets closer to the and then it starts to go back and forth. >> yeah. >> you know it's funny, though, if you look at wind sock in the background it doesn't seem to be moving around that much. >> that's why he knew that it was just -- like if he went around again, maybe by the time he comes back. >> yeah. you never know what you're going to see out in the crazy, wild world. >> whoa. >> first video i've got to show you is a dump truck on fire. and the driver appearing to have no clue that his load is completely up in smokes, in
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flames. the guys behind the truck are getting quite a kick behind the scene. nobody's blowing their horn or trying to alert the truck driver. >> how does he not see it? >> hard to know when he notices what's going on. goes under the bridge here. the guys keep following him. >> getting worse, too. >> yeah. he does pull off to the side of the road. found a big patch of fresh, green grass. lifts up the dump bed and dumps the flaming mess out. >> he could be on his way to the bond fire. >> he was bringing the bond fire. another goofy scene. this one in bozeman, montana. got quite a bit of rain. streets flooded. >> making lemonade out of lemons. >> tubing down the flooded road? >> that's all he's doing. >> oh my gosh. >> enjoying himself. >> he needs like a beer. >> or hot chocolate. >> maybe a doughnut or two. >> like a lazy river. doesn't going in a circle. it's going to stink when he has to get the tube out of water and
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go back home. >> call somebody, i'm six mile downtown, pick me up at the storm drain. folks from soul pancake head out to do pickpocketing. >> the reverse. >> see what happens when they take the risk to plant the cash. and do spots a lightning bug in distress. what else is there to do but? >> attempt a very dangerous lightning bug rescue.
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can wake you up at 3:00 in the morning. wait until you see what woke up jeff smith, in the woods in howly, pennsylvania. >> i happened to crack an eye open and see this blinking. everything's pitch black and calm except for this little blinking green dot. >> see that blinking dot's like every couple of seconds it blinks, blinks. >> it's a lightning bug. >> a lightning bug. stuck in the web. tangled up. you see the spider going to work on other insect here. the lightning bug has some web handcuffs, as jeff calls it in the video. >> it's kind of cool to see, you feel bad for the lightning bug, but cool to see that the light's like this up close. hard to believe that's a bug. >> you see the spider here. you see up close, really doing work on something else that's struggling inside there. jeff says, hey, this part of nature, he didn't want to interfere but he did go outside and attempt a very dangerous
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lightning bug rescue. we don't see the video. but the video cuts to jeff. lets the lightning bug go. probably caught by a child in a jar later. >> cool to see the lightning bug up close like that. it looks like a digital light. a light blipginking on your blackberry when you have a new message. >> if you want to do something nice for someone else the guys at soul pancakes suggest pickpocketing. >> what? >> the reverse kind. reverse pickpocketing. they suggest that you give people stuff without them realizing and they put $20 in an envelope and then they're putting them in a pocket and they put this to the test by recruiting four different people and they all had the challenge of reverse pickpocketing different people. the first girl in the red
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beanie. >> i have a -- the guy i found was a little big. i tried to get in the pocket. but like it stuck. >> though you're doing something nice, it's nerve-racking because you never know how someone's going to react when you look over. >> your hand's in their pock. i thought it was going to be super easy and do it. >> oh! >> oh! >> smooth. >> the back pocket. that's tough. >> i want to give direction. i'm going to give hug. >> i love this grandma. she came up with a plan to ask for directions and then give them a hug. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much. >> that is great. i love seeingandma. that's the best. >> the funny part, if you get caught, so? check your pocket, man. >> i was giving you 20 bucks. >> they do encourage you to try reverse pickpocketing and let them know what you did and how
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it went. >> put something in there? there see if i could fit something in that pocket. >> tight jeans, no way. >> it's summertime. lots of people heading out to theme parks thanks to folks at theme park review we get to see a pretty unusual roller coaster in japan. this is called the ultratwister. it's at the spa land. look at this car. it's weird looking, right? something different about the roller coaster. >> looks like a torture device. >> we get the point of view angle as if we're on this weird roller coaster. watch what makes this different. this sucker has a complete vertical lift. >> wow. tips you back almost like you're about to take off in a rocket. >> not even almost like you're about to. yeah, it's exactly like that. klink, klink, klink, klink. >> [ bleep ].
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>> now the hill it sell was pretty weird. remember, this is called the ultratwister. >> oh! >> wait, that is it? is it over already? >> no. i thought so, too. i thought this sucker's over, wait, that's the end of the track. no, not on the ultratwister, not the end of the track. >> watch what it's where to do now. >> now they're going backwards. the track moves and then launches them downhill. >> two parallel tracks. >> folk have ridden more than 1500 roller coaster and uplift photos to their website, youtube chan toll give people an idea of what to expect heading to theme parks. >> i already went on this thing. he's the blond youtuber who gives off the look into his life. >> he was getting tons of tweets and messages. people wanted him to draw things. >> see how what's always 3-d to him turns out flat. >> he's a healthy cat.
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loves to eat. look at the teeth on him. ferocious. >> and hashtag this. >> the very first live tweeting honey badger in the world. >> find out what this honey badger does give a tweet about. # dd
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i have two videos that show
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that animals do have personalities. this is herman. herman is a desert tortoise. he was rescued and now lives in the backyard of an assisted living home. every once in a while the managers of the home would come and see herman inside and thought maybe it was one 0 the seniors in the home letting herman in and then saw this. herman letting himself in. >> man. >> oh wow. >> figured it out with his -- with his little hand. >> yes. i'm going to show you another video while he finishes his opening the screen door stunt. this puppy is just afraid. she is on this glider chair and wants to get off but when you move this chair just starts moving. making her even more afraid to jump off. shaking the heck out of the chair. >> the more terrified she gets, the more the chair shakes. scares her even more. a vicious circle, like a dog
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chasing his tail. >> she has a moment where she almost jumps off but, no, doesn't do it. >> an earthquake beneath her feet. >> toward the end of the video she's like, i'm going to stay right here. she sits back down, looks pretty for the camera. patience is a virtue. let's see how herman's doing. opens the sliding door just enough and there he goes if. >> a great tortoise name, herman. well done tortoise namer. back from the tommy edison experience. he's been blond since birth and created a youtube channel showcasing what it's like to live as ablind rson. >> gettingons of messages. people wanted him to draw things. >> drawing is sort of a weird thing. everything in my world is three dimensional, everything i touch or experience. it's very difficult for me to imagine putting a three dimensional thing on to a flat piece of paper.
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>> first try a cat. >> a round little head like this. so i'm sort of triangle kitty ears, two eyes. hard to do to remember where you've been. put a nose on him. a kitty head. it didn't have a mouth. put a couple of teeth in him. he's a healthy cat. loves to eat. look at the teeth on him. oh, he's ferocious. >> i like his commentary. he's a healthy little cat. look at the teeth. >> almost hear him pur, can't you? >> if you squint, maybe you don't see a cat but something else. i see a turtle. >> another request. >> a car. >> can tommy da draw a car? >> hop in, everybody. >> next i think is the most fascinating. someone asked him to draw himself. >> we'll start with like the forehead. down here, look, we can draw like an eye. put the nose here. put the eyebrows in again. round eye in the middle. oh, boy, hideous.
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>> there he is. a self-portrait. >> can't tell which is which now. i forgot to sign it. because this will be on sale in the lobby. lol. >> when the johannesburg zoo was looking for a social media manager they decided to promote from within and hire b.g., the friendly honey badger. you know, honey badgers are warm and friendly. they're perfect figure head for the community to latch on to, right? so b.g. started a twitter account. he's the very first live tweeting honey badger in the world. and what does he tweet about? >> he tweets about honey badger things. and he does do it live. watch how this is done. >> b.g.'s enclosure wired with infrared motion sensors divided into six zones. they talk to a server that holds a database that holes tweets. the sensors pick up on his
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location and trigger tweets from his twigger account. >> what? >> b.g. has more followers than you, you, and me combined. he just started his account back in mid-june. >> over 4,000 followers. >> what? he really is tweeting. one of my favorites, the selfie photo. popular thing to do on twitter. he's got a good sense of humor, too. he says, i see you picking your nose there, little boy. if i could, i would -- >> i followed him. >> have like 200,000 in a couple weeks. >> tweeting badger. going to break a thousand. >> this guy's pulling a prank and it's all political. >> these women are signing a petition to end women's suffrage. >> what are we -- why are we suffering? >> see how many ladies get a lesson. ♪
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if you can't become a jet pilot make an rc jet pilot. >> what's that? >> remote controlled. >> big enough for a person to get in. >> a scale model.
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listen to this thing. a guy that's flying this is a whiz at the stick. >> look how fast it goes. >> and how low. >> like a real plane. >> exactly like a real plane. landing gear retracts. it's got an actual miniature jet engine. that's why it has that jet engine sound. >> honestly, this is not a joking question, do you have to call like air traffic control? because it looks like a real plane from as far as i know, no, you don't need to deal with the faa dealing with something like this. i love the sound of this thing as it whizzez by. not a toy. >> think about rat battles you think maybe like a concert club each other. do you think about swath, no a
4:55 pm
tree sloth and the ground sloth. >> slow rap battle. >> what up? i'm a tree sloth. i like to take my time to carefully compose every aspect of my line. >> this got to be like two biology teachers trying to teach class kids about slothss, right. >> dropping slothy knowledge and having the rap battle between the sloths. >> you might say you're a sloth. you're an upside down rat. >> i love this video. love the rhyme. >> i can be down with it. >> i have friends. you don't scare anywhere. you're a fossilized bone. >> they're getting mean now. >> slinging it. >> might be sloth trirk. >> my poop's a discovery. >> x-rated. >> who knew? >> figure out who wins. you be the judge. go to, click on best of rtm or watch the rap
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pa battle on your mobile app. >> the fact this prarng i'm about to show you works makes me so depressed. >> i'm outside of the department of feminist studies here at ucsb. trying to get people to sign a petition to end women's suffrage. >> the right for women to vote in a political election. >> from the whatever youtube channel. >> these women are signing a petition to end women's sufficie sufficie suffrage. >> why are we suffering? >> he says no suffrage, why are we -- no, suffrage. they're like, okay. >> trying to end suffraging. >> you want to sign it? >> sure. >> okay. >> okay. >> like a terrible thing with what's going on. >> you know what suffraging is 0 or suffrage?
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>> rights and stuff. >> suffrage the right to vote. trying to end women's right to vote. >> what? >> he does get quite a few signatures on his petition but toward the end 0 of the video some women get it. >> it's the right to vote and you want to stop that? >> yeah. >> sorry, no. >> so end our right to vote? >> yeah. >> thank you. all i've got to say, susan b. anthony, they are rolling over in their graves. >> i can't breathe. i had a panic attack. >> there are about 15, 18 women in this video that now definitely know the definition of suffrage. >> that's hope. >> what? i want to take it back. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time. . now at 5:00, the investigation into that deadly
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crash landing at sfo takes a new turn. >> there have been a lot of questions about one of the fatalities with respect to an emergency response vehicle. we are still looking at this issue. >> what we are learning about how one of the passengers may have died and what happened inside the plane. >> and you have to keep in mind, if we don't get there, we're not going to help anybody. >> those who showed up first to the scene are sharing their stories about how dangerous the rescue effort was. >> we looked up and saw it go out, black pillows of smoke came rushing towards us. >> and what happened right after the crash. the calls that went out to emergency responders. complete news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. good morning, i'm heather
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holmes. >> the ntsb is zeroing in on what happened in the crash landing that killed two people. they are also zeroing in on what happened after the plane went down. the ntsb is also trying to speak with all four pilots to find out who was at the controls when the crash happened. we now know one of the inflatable chutes appears to have malfunctioned and opened inward, trapping two flight attendants, investigators are looking into whether one of two people that died was killed by an emergency vehicle rushing to the team. team coverage begins with christian and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: ntsb investigators spent another day going over the wreckage of flight 214, still here on the runway. it appears at least one of the emergency slides did not deploy properly, it deployed in the cab inof the airplane instead of out on the run way. investigators walked through
5:00 pm
the debris field of the crash of airbornian a flight 214. pieces of the crash were thrown several hundred feet. they want to talk to the crew while details are fresh. >> we are conducting the interviews today. we will determine exactly what happened, when it happened and how it happened, if it was consistent with their process or procedures or if there was any deviations. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say the preliminary findings are that the engines were operating as they should have in the 1:20 seconds leading up to the crash. >> both engines were producing power at the time of impact. >> reporter: and they are trying to figure out why an exit slide seems to have malfunctioned. >> there have been interviews with flight attendants and witnesses that slides deployed inside of the aircraft. we need


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